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Use our plug-and-play API

Utilize our infrastructure through our affordable API solution to create personalized products and features for your customers.

Personalized Genetic Reports

Offer at-home genetic testing kits, or allow users to easily upload their DNA file and receive personalized reports with targeted recommendations for 300+ health topics covering areas like gut, skin, sleep, brain, heart, kidneys, liver, metabolic health and more.

Personalized Reports

Lab Analysis & Tracking

Users can drag and drop lab test results using our OCR-powered analyzer in order to receive easy-to-understand results and personalized recommendations. Track results over time and monitor levels based on optimal ranges for the best insights into key health markers such as inflammation, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Lab Analysis & Trackin

Lifestyle Insights & Recommendations

Take advantage of our scientific lifestyle assessments to provide users with risk scores based on their activity, environment, diet, medical history and more. We have assessments for 70+ conditions and each provides users with actionable recommendations to reduce their risk.

Lifestyle Insights & Recommendations

Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Plans

Give users the ultimate nutrition and fitness solution custom-tailored to their genes. Each user receives a unique plan that includes suggested nutrient intake ratios and specific fitness plans based on what works best for their genes.

Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Plans

Personalized Supplement

Provide users with a custom supplement made of ingredients based on their DNA and labs. We create custom formulas based on a user’s predisposition to issues such as low vitamin or mineral levels, high blood pressure, poor heart health and more. Allow users to customize their formula as desired to provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Personalized Supplement


Help your users to discover their heritage with our patent-pending ancestry tool. Your users will receive detailed information about which countries their ancestors originate from and an in-depth ethnicity breakdown. For a more comprehensive ancestry report, we can also provide mitochondrial ancestry insights, which allows users to trace their maternal lineage.


Predictive Health Monitoring

Provide users with an overall health score based on the combined effects from their DNA, environmental and lab test data. As users adopt healthy habits, their score improves and serves as a motivator to continue taking actions toward a healthier lifestyle.

Predictive Health Monitoring

Virtual Consultations

Allow users to participate in virtual consultations with health professionals, coaches and nutritionists who will help users navigate their results and develop personalized action plans.

Virtual Consultations

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We can provide you with a co-branded ready-made precision health solution that provides consumers with personalized reports and recommendations based on their DNA, labs and lifestyle.

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