Who is Omics Edge?

A team of scientists, engineers, MDs and geneticists with a mission to create a world-class bioinformatics infrastructure that will make precision health affordable for all.

Dr. Puya Yazdi, MD


MD from USC, Stanford Residency. 15+ years of success in R&D, IP acquisition & science publications in genomics, bioinformatics, biotech & precision medicine. 10+ precision medicine products. 7+ years of executive experience.

Joseph Cohen


8+ years of professional executive experience in the health and biotech industry with a proven track record of success. Expertise in operations, HR, management, product, marketing, finance & legal. Internationally recognized speaker and biohacker.

Ralph Kenney


20+ years of successful C-level experience in technology, healthcare, and e-commerce (including AT&T). As COO, he has taken a previous company from start-up to successful IPO in 6 years. Founder/CEO of a profitable 7 figure business.

Manfred Grabherr, PhD

VP of Bioinformatics and AI

Biljana Novkovic, PhD

Senior Precision Medicine Scientist and Director of Research & Development

Laurent Dufloux, PhD

Big Data Engineer

Our Company

The Omics Edge Story: Building the world’s most sophisticated polygenic risk score algorithms.

About Omics Edge

Omics Edge is the business-to-business (B2B) arm of SelfDecode, the industry leading direct to consumer and health practitioner digital wellness platform, featuring genomics, conventional biomarkers and lifestyle assessments.

In 2021, Omics Edge was formed in order to leverage our intellectual property for our business partners. Our mission is to make precision health affordable to all by empowering organizations to easily build precision health products using our bioinformatics infrastructure.

The Science Behind OmicsEdge

Ancestry-informed Polygenic Risk Scores

Genetic Imputation

Ancestry Determination

Genomic compression

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